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'For Sale' is a horrifying tale wherein a young woman, Mary Bone, finds herself trapped within the maze-like tomb of an old home at the edge of her town. Lost, afraid, and hopeless Mary tries to navigate her way out of what could very well be her grave.

For Sale was a small project for the end of me and my roommate’s first semester at art school. My roommate, A.R. Taylor wrote a short horror novella as their final project, and I illustrated it as a side project. For Sale had limited edition printing and was published December, 2020.

-Peek Inside-

(Potential Spoilers Ahead)

for sale illust 1.jpg
for sale illust 2-3.jpg
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for sale illust 4-5.jpg
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For Sale, First Edition , 2020 

Illustrations Copyright© 2020 By E. Dale

ISBN 978-1-09835-329-2

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